ENERGY STAR® Certified Manufactured Homes Pilot

We believe all Michiganders should be able to enjoy a comfortable, quality home. While homes may look the same on the outside, the energy efficient features built into a new manufactured home will deliver for years to come.

As a community leader, you are a key partner in achieving a win-win solution for your community and your customers, helping them save money on a more efficient home. And we have a program that makes it simple.

How can I participate?

Step 1. Enroll in the rebate program

Complete a program participation agreement. Once enrolled, your company is eligible to receive rebates.

Step 2. Order an ENERGY STAR® home from a participating plant

Talk to your manufacturer about upgrades for models that are right for your residents and community. For homes with an electric furnace, order an air-source heat pump from your equipment contractor. Six weeks later, you’ll receive 50% of your rebate check.

Step 3. Oversee installation of the home (and heat pump, if applicable)

Follow the home manufacturer’s installation manual instructions for proper setup of the ENERGY STAR home, including secure crossover duct connections and marriage line seals on multi-section homes.

Step 4. Apply for the rebate upon home completion

Notify the plant when the home (and heat pump) have been installed and connected to service. Submit a completed rebate application to

Step 5. Six weeks later, you’ll receive your remaining rebate check