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How many participants could the pilot impact? What sort of savings potential – 1, 100 or 1000 MWh? Is the impact of the project short, medium or long term? For gas savings, is it closer to 32.9 MCF, 329 MCF or 3290 MCF?
What is the realistic positive impact of the pilot on the community at large? Are the positive impacts quantifiable? Include measure life, if applicable.
What are the products or services that are included in your proposed solution offering?
Does it reduce carbon emission goals? Does it support other potential utility programs? Build organizational capability? Does it cut across or improve impacts of multiple programs? Is there flexible load shape value?
Is it an emerging technology? What is the technology readiness level (TRL)? Is it available and in the market today? What is the impact of failure (on cost, on reputation, with stakeholders, etc.)?
Does it impact participants only or go beyond participants? Does it impact 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 customers? Does it impact important customer segments (e.g., low income)? “Does it improve customer relationships and satisfaction levels?
Is it currently cost effective, currently not cost effective, or does it have potential for high cost effectiveness? What is the Estimated Energy Savings (kWh, Mcf, Therms, MMBtu, etc.)
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