HomeWORKS Pilot Project

Most weatherization programs target large city centers, while small towns and rural areas are often overlooked. Community Action Agencies (CAAs) help to improve home health through weatherization services, which help seal your home and keep your preferred temperatures inside, and other factors that can impact your comfort and health outside. However, many homes are not yet weatherization ready. When a house is unable to be weatherized, you can miss out on opportunities for a better life in your home. Our solution: the HomeWORKs project.

Our objective with HomeWORKs is to work with CAAs to provide services to low-income houses in Bay County to get homes prepared for weatherization upgrades that will help improve home health, reduce energy burden, and save money.

Why Bay County?

  • One in 10 Bay County residents are energy burdened.1
  • In Bay County, 13.5% of adults have asthma, compared with 11.2% of all Michiganders.2
  • Half of the cities and townships in Bay County have a poverty rate over10%.3
  • Bay County is a mix of economicactivity and includes comparatively more rural areas that could benefit from reduced energy burden and pilot supports from HomeWORKs.


To create healthier homes, we need your financial support.

Sponsorship Levels
Tier 1 $1-$7,500 A least 1 home served
Tier 2 $7,501-$15,000 A least 2 home served
Tier 3 $15,001-$22,500 A least 3 home served


Services and Eligibility

Average Cost of Upgrades


Roof Repairs   


Mold and Moisture/Sewage  


Asbestos Removal 


Knob and Tube/ Electrical  

Number of Homes To Serve: 4 in 2021 for pilot study, with a goal of scaling up in 2022.


HomeWORKs partners with Mid Michigan Community Action Agency (MMCAA) to identify Bay County homeowners needing pre-weatherization retrofits, and connects them with contractors to complete the work. Thanks to MMCAA, with the pre-weatherization work completed, homeowners are directly connected to multiple weatherization resources, including those funded by federal and state programs.


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  2. Asthma 2015-2017 Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey.
  3. ICF Analysis of 2019 American Community Survey data.